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A written letter is a part of writing therapy called expressive writing. When using this tool, one writes without regard to normal conventions of grammar and spelling. Instead, one writes to express their emotions and feelings around an goodbye to alcohol letter event, or set of events, that has deeply affected their lives. Writing a goodbye letter to alcohol has been used in recovery for many years, and for all types of addictions and drugs, and is one recovery tool that I really advocate.

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However, I also know that I have to do it. At least, when thinking about it, I’ve never been truly happy with who I am. So I need to say goodbye to drugs and alcohol, no matter https://ecosoberhouse.com/ how difficult or scary that is to think about. A goodbye letter to alcohol is a therapeutic tool. It is a way of expressing thoughts and feelings related to alcohol abuse.

Goodbye Letter

It was suggested to me to write a break-up letter to alcohol and lay out my feelings, thoughts and memories on my relationship with alcohol. As putting pen to paper makes things a lot more real in deeply personal work like this I sat on it for a long time. The next step after writing it was to read it out loud and share it with someone else.

  • Having us believe you can solve our problems, take our stress away and connect us to others in ways we think we can’t on our own.
  • The fucking wild part is that you’re an element of me, You live in me.
  • Because of this mastery, I’m now able to help others break loose from your chains too.

Dan S is a retired electrician from a medium sized town near Chicago, Illinois. He lives with his wife and a cat named after Teddy Roosevelt. He enjoys experiencing nature with sobriety and is a “damn good cook”. Dan expects to enjoy spoiling his grandson and all of the other fruits of his “best damn job ever”… retirement.

Benefits of Writing for Mental Health

I am now not only saying goodbye, but stay the fuck away from me and my family. Stay away from my life and my memories. I am stronger now than I ever was with you and you are a dangerous one to be around. You give false confidence and make-believe happiness. This is my personal goodbye letter to you, goodbye addiction – take notice and listen. If you are struggling to articulate your feelings about the emotional roller coaster that is early recovery, a letter may be able to help.

Is that how this is supposed to go? We did have some good times together; a lot of good times together, in fact. I related to that, especially the fun part. Because I had a lot of fun with drugs and alcohol for a long time. In high school and college, it was all fun. Sure, there were the blackouts where I couldn’t remember what I had done the night before, and the arguments with my girlfriend about my drinking.

Goodbye. That is all

All you ever did was take and take, but you never gave. Actually, I take that back – you did give. You gave me heartaches and burned bridges.

My grades suffered in college, which I guess had a lot to do with my partying and drinking, but I was able to miss class and make it up on the tests thanks to Adderall. But I got into a lot of fights and I got into some legal stuff and a DUI, which definitely wasn’t fun at all. But the feeling I get looking back at using drugs and alcohol at that time wasn’t all bad, although a lot of bad stuff actually happened if I’m honest about it. I guess I’m just feeling a lot of emotions now and don’t have my old friends drugs and alcohol to help me numb them or run away from them.

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  • All these years I thought it was us.
  • You might not see yourself as much of a writer, but give it a try!
  • Harnessing this power to write a letter to alcohol – a goodbye letter spelling out the end of your relationship – that is some serious power to harness.
  • Some took longer than others but they all help each other because they’ve been where I am today.

I have no idea how I’m ever gonna eat crawfish again. The beach may have lost its luster too. I went without you this year, and it sucked, especially since you were cheating on me with everyone else. You were definitely putting on a show at the beach, and if you can remember, you finally won me over. Yep, you joined me for the drive home.