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Estate Planning

Everyone has an estate. So, you need estate planning whether your estate is large or small. Estate planning is a process that involves legally structuring of the future disposition of the current and projected assets.

Our Philosophy

Provide reliable easy to understand information and service so every one involved has a complete understanding. We take your affairs  & estate seriously. We are a firm with a large network and a reputation for providing quality and personalized services for clients in Charlotte and the state of North Carolina.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide professional and attentive service to all of our clients. Our staff and attorneys are available to answer questions and work diligently to keep clients well informed throughout the entire process.

Estate Probates

Estate Probates

The granting of probate is the first crucial step in the legal framework for administering the deceased person’s estate, resolving all claims and distributing the property of the deceased under a will. A probate court determines the legal validity of the will of the testator (the deceased) and grants its approval, also referred to as granting probate, to an executor.

Power Of Attorney (POA)

Power Of Attorney (POA)

North Carolina has a suggested statutory POA form, but it’s not appropriate for everyone. Each of us has specific assets and needs, and therefore, you should seek the guidance of our qualified, experienced Charlotte attorney when drafting your power of attorney.

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