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Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning in Charlotte NC, or any other state for the matter, is a complicated procedure full of rules and standards you need to adhere to. Amongst the documents that need to be made for estate planning, special care must be taken when writing a will. For this reason, you will require the services of Walker Schantz Law Charlotte Estate Planning attorney to help you manage the planning process.

Though most people are aware of what a will is, let’s define in the literal meaning. A will is a legal document that states the wishes of a person regarding the distribution of his/her property once he/she passes away.

If you do not have a written will, North Carolina’s intestate succession will determine how your property is distributed. It most likely may go against what you would have wished for. On the other hand, a poorly executed will may result in your relatives successfully challenging the will if they think it is unfair. Though you can’t prevent squabbles and will contests, you can make sure your wishes are fulfilled by taking a few important steps.

To begin with, you must ensure your legal document is up to the state standards. Contact an Walker Schantz Law estate planning attorney or elder law attorney who will aid you in drafting a solid will.

The best way to avoid dissatisfied relatives is to explain any unexpected decisions you make. If possible, sitting with your family members and talking to them about your wishes is also a great idea.

If you fear the worst and want to avoid contests as much as possible, you could also add a no contest clause in the will. This clause is intended to discourage challenges to the will by threatening to disinherit or giving a minimal amount to the person.

The most common basis for contesting against a family member’s will is by claiming they were unfit or under undue influence during the process. To avoid contestations that question your mental capabilities at the time the will was written, hire an estate planning attorney. A Charlotte estate planning attorney will not only be well versed in the local law but will also help you avoid such challenges.

You can also deflect undue influence arguments against your will by making sure no family member is involved in the process.

Last but not the least, every situation is unique. The best way to protect your Will is to get in touch with Walker Schantz Law Charlotte NC estate planning attorney at (301) 693 – 5149 and let the process become seamless.

Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney