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Charlotte LLC Formation Assistance


Are you looking for a Charlotte LLC formation assistance? A limited liability company (LLC) is a newly developed business entity that combines the best aspects of a corporate business with other forms of business entities.

LLC formation must strictly comply with the authorizing statutes since an LLC is considered a “creature of statute” – this business form can’t exist if no state statutes are authorizing the same.

An LLC is a popular business form today, and it appeals to several entrepreneurs; however, it may not be the best option for all situations. Speak to the LLC formation attorneys at Houston & Schantz PLLC to learn more about Charlotte LLC assistance and know how they can help you to achieve your business goals.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of an LLC

Like a corporation, an LLC provides limited liability to its owners. It means the owners of an LLC aren’t responsible for the liabilities and debts that the LLC incurs – even if the LLC becomes insolvent and owes more than it’s worth.

Therefore, new entrepreneurs will have some measure of security and safety, encouraging them to take risks secure in the knowledge that they aren’t personally liable for the debts of the LLC if the business fails. Moreover, unlike corporations, LLCs tend to be easier to establish since they require fewer formalities.

However, an LLC may not suit all situations. The tax implications of an LLC may be quite disadvantageous. Furthermore, whereas corporations have clearly defined roles and responsibilities, the roles and responsibilities in an LLC may be more unclear, hence confusing.


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Seeking Legal Assistance with your Charlotte LLC Formation

Do We Really Need An Attorney?

You may have some questions regarding the right organization form for your business’s needs when you’re starting a new business. What are the advantages of incorporating our business? What should we include in our partnership agreement? How does the state tax a sole proprietor?

An experienced LLC formation attorney can offer you critical help with your new business venture whether you need advice on selecting the right form of business organization or help to get your new limited liability company (LLC) up and running – including the drafting and filing of all the necessary LLC formation documents.

Your attorney will work with you to ensure that you cover all legal bases at every step of the business start-up process, and therefore, your new business venture will have the best chance of success.

How Can Our Charlotte LLC Formation Attorney Help You?

Our Charlotte LLC attorney can help you find the best solution for your new business no matter what kind of business organization/start-up issue you face. Our LLC lawyer can help you take all necessary actions to get the doors of your business open, including:

  • Explaining all management, business liability, tax, and start-up cost issues relevant to LLC formation;
  • Drafting and filing all necessary registration documents for your LLC formation, including fictitious business name registration;
  • Describing limited liability company and why this business organization form suits your new business;
  • Drafting all necessary articles of organization and operating agreements (for new LLCs);
  • Drafting all necessary tax forms to get your new LLC and helping you consider all factors to establish a successful business;
  • Helping you to decide whether you’ll require an Employer Identification Numbers (EIN). Our attorney can assist you to apply online;
  • Securing all business start-up licenses and permits from local, state, and federal government.
  • Ensuring your LLC is up and running;

What Are The Steps Involved In LLC Formation, Charlotte, NC?

If you’re planning to form an LLC in Charlotte, NC, you should follow these steps:

  1. Choose a name for your LLC – The business name must contain the phrase “Limited Liability Company” or the term LLC to inform potential clients and others about the nature of your business entity. Amongst other several things, this informs the public that the business owners generally cannot be held personally liable for the obligations and debts of the business.
  2. File articles of organization – The articles of organization include vital information about your LLC, including its name, purpose and duration, and resident agent. You may or may not file the articles of organization with the operating agreement, which contains detailed information regarding how you’ll run your LLC, for instance, depending on the owner’s wishes. You will have to file these articles of organization with the Secretary of State (for this case, North Carolina) along with the correct filing fee.
  3. Appoint a resident agent – A resident agent is a person who’ll accept service of papers and legal process on behalf of your LLC. Any individual who would want to sue your LLC in Charlotte, NC will only need to serve your resident agent with the appropriate legal papers.
  4. Comply with reporting and tax requirements – The law imposes certain annual reporting requirements and tax requirements on the LLC owners. Failure to comply with these requirements can lead to the suspension of your LLC’s authority to carry on, conduct or transact business in Charlotte, NC.

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You should focus your attention and energies on making your business succeed, not necessarily being mired in paperwork when embarking on a new business venture. At Houston & Schantz PLLC, our Charlotte LLC business formation attorneys can help you comply with all statutory requirements necessary to form your LLC so that you can concentrate on making your business succeed. Contact Houston & Schantz PLLC today at (980) 299-0121 for your Charlotte LLC assistance.

Get Ahead of the Game

More importantly, hiring a Charlotte LLC formation attorney now will save you money, time, and effort. Do not wait until someone sues you or become a party to a lawsuit to seek legal advice.

Most entrepreneurs often procrastinate hiring a lawyer until someone serves them with legal papers. While this isn’t the end of the world, you’ve already faced the problem, and you’ll have to pay for items such as lawyer fees, court fees, and possibly a settlement fee.

Finding a Charlotte Commercial Attorney

It is in your best interests to consult with a Charlotte commercial attorney before moving forward if you are considering starting a business. A commercial lawyer will help you choose the right type of legal structure for you and your business.

Handling Commercial Law In Charlotte, NC

At Houston & Schantz PLLC, we can handle business transactions and disputes ranging from simple to complex. Our Charlotte commercial attorneys can help you whether you’re looking for legal assistance on an ongoing basis or facing issues that may affect the future of your business.

The business and commercial lawyers at Houston & Schantz PLLC can view commercial law matters from a multifaceted perspective. We pride ourselves on our ability to use both our understanding of the day-to-day operations of a business and our knowledge of commercial law matters when seeking strategic and effective solutions to your business’s legal issues.

Our Business Is To Help Your Business

We represent businesses of all sizes in various transactions and disputes, such as:

  1. Business formations – We work closely with the existing and start-ups businesses to determine the most advantageous business organization form. We can help with the establishment and restructuring of limited liability partnerships (LLPs) and corporations as well as the formation of Charlotte limited liability company (LLCs).
  2. Partner disputes and shareholder disputes – When issues arise between partners or shareholders, it can affect the business negatively. Our firm can examine every aspect of the situation and develop an effective strategy to address the issues.
  3. Contract issues – Most business issues revolve around contracts. We can help you to draft, review, negotiate and litigate all kinds of business contracts whether you’re dealing with employees, clients, vendors or other businesses.
Charlotte LLC Fromation Attorney

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