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Probate Attorney’s

A Charlotte probate of estates attorney provides services in a probate court, and the court may retain him or her to open an estate or provide service during probate proceedings on behalf of the executor or administrator of the estate. Probate lawyers, Charlotte, NC,...

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Senior Citizens

Houston & Schantz PLLC has specialized in safeguarding the rights of the aging population. What drives us is the fact that a large percentage of the senior citizens in Charlotte have little or no say in society when left on their own. This subjects them to the...

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Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney

Charlotte Estate Planning Attorney Estate planning in Charlotte NC, or any other state for the matter, is a complicated procedure full of rules and standards you need to adhere to. Amongst the documents that need to be made for estate planning, special care must be...

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Power Of Attorney Lawyers

At Houston & Schantz PLLC, we can help you create a POA form for your needs regardless of your circumstances. This is a valuable tool to help you with any legal requirement. Schedule your consultation today.

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Will Preparation Attorney

The Estate Planning and Probate attorneys at Houston & Schantz LLC in Charlotte, NC can guide you through the entire process of will making so you’re your estate planning is effective, straightforward, and can be resolved appropriately and promptly. To learn more...

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LLC Business Attorney

An LLC is a popular business form today, and it appeals to several entrepreneurs; however, it may not be the best option for all situations. Speak to the LLC formation attorneys at Houston & Schantz PLLC to learn more about Charlotte LLC assistance and know how...

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Estate Planning Attorney

Everyone has an estate. So, you need estate planning whether your estate is large or small. Estate planning is a process that involves legally structuring of the future disposition of the current and projected assets. Charlotte estate planning helps you to anticipate...

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Business LLC Set-Up

Like a corporation, an LLC provides limited liability to its owners. It means the owners of an LLC aren’t responsible for the liabilities and debts that the LLC incurs – even if the LLC becomes insolvent and owes more than it’s worth.

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Dementia Diagnosis Charlotte NC

Diagnosed With Dementia? You Need To Take These Steps  7.7 million new cases of dementia are diagnosed each year. Chances are you probably know someone suffering from this disease. If that someone is you, your spouse, or your elderly parent, there are some legal steps...

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Elder Law

A legal practice field that specializes in issues that senior citizens face, such elder abuse, age-related health concerns, wills and trusts, Social Security and retirement, and long-term care and housing. Elder law planning prepares for financial freedom and autonomy...

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